"Since you cannot read all the books which you many possess, it is enough to possess only as many as you can read."
-Seneca (c.4 BC-AD 65)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sometimes I Feel Jaded + Mini-Moments

I've never really felt the need to vent out, though what I'm doing now isn't really ranting. But we all have bad days or good days. 

I've already psyched myself up though for the fact that I have only a couple of weeks left. Soon enough, all this will be over. But sometimes I can't cope with the demands of what it is that I do right now. Sometimes it just gets too much. But every day is a new day and surely, it will all end.

So what have I been doing?

I've just learned to cope by playing with watercolor and pampering myself from free stuff that I try.  Also, I've indulged in sweets and got lots of rest during weekends, even taking a walk on Sundays when the street has lesser vehicles. 

I still wish to bike on weekends where the air is fresh. I'll wait until next month.

Have a good weekend friends!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

L Gluta Power Soap and Royale Beauty Lipstick by Royale Business Club


I’ve always believed that different people come into our lives for different purposes. 

As for a friend of mine in uni, she’s told me all about her latest business and voila, I have new products to try. I’m quite lucky to have the L Gluta Power Soap and Beauty Lipstick to sample. 

The reason why I am interested in the Gluta Power Soap is because my face has darkened since I’ve started my rounds in public school. So I’m going to put this to the test. Also, I’m just going to work for an even tone and see if my blemishes and acne can be prevented. I’ve heard from a friend that it’s better than Kojic soap so let’s see. Update: the soap smells like Sampaguita blossoms!
On the other hand, there is the Royale Beauty Lipstick Satin in Coral Craze. I’m quite impressed with the packaging because of its all-silver box and tube.  It’s a little matte in appearance but when swatched is also has a little glossy effect so that I can skip the gloss. As for staying power, it depends on the exposure and activity I engage in throughout the day. Then again, there’s always time to reapply in the middle of the day. 

Thank you to Angelica and Ate Kat for introducing me to Royale. If you wish to take a look at their products and place orders, kindly send them a message on Facebook. 

Have a good weekend! 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Natural Goodness Straight from the Beehive, Burt’s Bees from Sample Room

 Burt’s Bees has been known for its lip balms. However, this time around, there are new products to try thanks to Sample Room.

This has got to be one of the best lotions I've tried. For two weeks, I've noticed that my skin has become smoother especially around the elbows where it is usually rough. It is fast absorbing and leaves a subtle, minty scent behind. I've used it at a time that my wrists had rashes and yet it completely soothed and calmed down the reaction. The lotion glides on very well and I'll be sad to see it empty.

For a small, compact size, the hand salve can calm me with its scent. I like that it has a lemon, fresh scent unlike other rubbing balms and it's quite solid. However, I can only pick up limited product and rub it on my hands, but the application is always so smooth and it's a good product to apply on the hands after heavy tasks around the house.

I'm just grateful that I got to try out Burt's Bees products and they are very useful for me. The scents are calming and they make great pre-bed time buddies.  I'm also going to look forward to Burt's Buzz when it's released soon.

Have a great weekend and I'll update you with all that's been happening. I know it's been a while but I do strive to keep things in line.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

OMG Accessories: Handmade Knick Knacks From Maria’s Collection

Yey for a long weekend!

I wonder what you’re all doing. Did you plan a weekend out of town? As for me, I still have requirements and activities to complete. 

Though I would like to introduce you to a relatively new find on Facebook. I don’t recall how I found this little piece of handmade heaven on the already cluttered plane of my timeline but I am truly happy that I "met" Maria's Collection. Read: beautiful and handmade jewelry.

Maria’s Collection has a dainty assortment of handmade jewelry that is unlike any other. I would like to think that the creator manifests her imagination into each bracelet or necklace, combined by beautiful craftsmanship and the results are dainty and unique jewelry that is sure to be the envy of others. 

What could draw a person to her collection is the Tanya necklace. I’ve always admired fashion bloggers who were able to pull off a bubble necklace in blue. I feel that it’s the perfect statement necklace but I don’t feel that brave to wear a bubble necklace. However, the Tanya necklace is just the right style for those who can’t rock a bubble or bib necklace just yet. This version is in turquoise and its make is in a gold chain, despite its handsome finish, it’s not as heavy on the neck as expected.

What’s in the cute wrapped package, you wonder? It’s the charming Rose Ring in Pink set on copper wire which can be cleverly paired with bright, pink nail polish on both breezy, summer days and cool, wintry nights. This can match any floral outfit hands down.

Lastly, there’s the infinity bracelet that comes in clear beads that can be a great addition to any simple or formal outfit. 

The charm is what makes it stand out from all the other beaded bracelets and it can be worn with just a simple everyday watch. Here's a demonstration:

I do encourage you to check out her new collection, there are new designs up and all it takes is a simple message for you to get your fill of beautiful, handmade jewelry from Maria's Collection. Some personal favorites are the Mia Arm Candy and adorable Mikaela neckpiece.

Maria's Collection Facebook Page
For orders, message handcraftedbymaria@gmail.com