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Friday, 28 February 2014

#Win Wire Jewelry From Christine's Books and Baubles Giveaway!


The beauty of wearing handmade items is that you know it's unique, that nobody else has the same accessory because it's one of a kind.This is one reason why Raisie Speaks likes to support creatives like Ms. Christine Fabian-Ruste, a lady with the passion to turn beads and wires into inspired colors and forms. 

In Christine's Books and Baubles, there are also Argain Oil based beauty products and secondhand books for sale, (I'd go over there asap if I were you). That's not taking for granted the beautiful wire jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, rings and necklaces.My favorites are chunky beads and choker necklaces, as my Mom likes to call them, and varying hues of green, blue, pink and purple. You can choose your own favorites and you will be assured that owning a work of art handmade from Ms. Christine herself is surely affordable. 

The generous shop owner has also decided to give away some of her creations. But first, a look at the prizes:  


Prize A
The focus against the lilac beads is balanced out by the coral diagonal pendant on the charming bracelet. The three tone wire ring is a part of her New Year Collection and can be worn with a stack of silver rings to produce a layered look. 

The tangerine, emerald and metals bracelet is great when worn with a gray or brown shirt, complete the outfit by wearing complementing earrings and a ring making use of the same tangerine beads-great for summer and winter season!

Prize B

I don't think anyone has thought of combining colorful wooden beads and neutral beads to create a bracelet that has a character of its own, but Ms. Christine dared-and succeeded! Can't afford a sapphire? Not to worry, you can still sport this cute cut blue bead ring and see the way the light disperses- at least it's handmade!
Discs and rounds are the theme of the pink, red and disc bracelet, just the perfect pair to the red bead set in gold wire ring (a personal fave-shame I can't join my own giveaway). 

Hint: guys can still join and gift these prizes to their Moms, sisters, aunts and girlfriends or best friends.

There are two lucky winners for this particular giveaway, and if you happen to be one of them, be sure to take very good care of these, they're surely bound to be the start of conversation between wire jewelry aficionados! Good luck! 


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